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Amazing: Realistische protheses veranderen levens!

Laten we gewoon eerlijk blijven, zoals de website van de The Medical Art Prosthetics Clinic ook zegt; “we begrijpen hoe belangrijk je uiterlijk is. Daarom zijn wij de beste keuze in protheses voor gezichts- en handrestauratie”. Ik geloof ze meteen, check deze video en foto’s maar. Dokter Greg Gion en dokter Allison Vest en hun assistenten zijn ware kunstenaars! 

De protheses worden bevestigd door magneetjes die in de botten worden geïmplementeerd via een operatie. Vervolgens moeten patiënten drie maanden wachten tot deze vastgegroeid zijn en ze hun prothese in gebruik kunnen nemen.

Dit is toch ziekelijk hoe echt dit lijkt? Echt zooo prachtig!!



En de ervaringen van patiënten liegen er niet om:

Jeremy and his family, guess the prosthetic 😉

“Flying home was a totally different experience; my self confidence had been restored. When we got home it was Christmas time, and my family was beyond words. I have since then gone back to my active life style and I enjoy life again. I am very grateful to Mr. Gion, Ms. Vest and Medical Art Prosthetics for giving me back something no one else could.”

“Dear Greg and Jim,
There really is no way to thank you for what you have done for my mom. She wants to take the family all out for Japanese food tomorrow night, something she has been too uncomfortable to do for two years. I thought you might like to see this photo. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
Hugs to you both”
– Melinda

“No one knows it’s a fake, unless you tell them. Most people can’t believe it! God Bless us all to have people like you” – Earnie S. (Ernie S. from Illinois wears a nasal/midfacial prosthesis)

“I must admit, without the work of Allison and Medical Art Prosthetics, life would have been quite different for me. Allison performed her job with great care and compassion and I truly felt that I had not only started to heal physically and psychologically, but I had gained a true friend in the process! Great Work Allison and May God Bless You.” – Penny

“My eye is fabulous! I’m still seeing people I haven’t seen in years and they can’t tell until I tell them about it! Everyone tells me how unbelievable it is. Close family weren’t sure which eye. A true testament to your craft! Ipraise the heavens for you and your commitment to helping me restore my self-esteem. I think of you daily. You are the apple of my eye!” -Thanks, Laurie Moody


“Hi! My name is Courtney Monroe and I am from Hot Coffee, Mississippi. I am nine years old. I was born without my right ear and my right kidney. I was diagnosed with a form of Goldenhaar Syndrome when I was one month old. I always knew that my ear was different from everyone else’s, but I never let that stop me from just being me. One day, when I was eight years old, I was eating lunch with my mom and grandmother and I told them that I wanted an ear. My mom and my grandmother said okay and started trying to find out how to get one. My mom took me to Dr. Carron at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. It is through him that I met Mrs. Allison, who designed my ear… and the rest is history!”- Courtney

“To Gregory G. Gion:Thank you for a job well done. You couldn’t have done a better job on my facial prosthesis. I love it. It makes a big difference in my life. It looks like the perfect eye to me, and I feel so good about myself wearing it. The color is good, its easy and comfortable to wear, it looks good on and it’s easy to care for. It’s great! Thanks again for a great job. You are an expert.” – R.L.

“Dear Greg…I just wanted to add a personal “Thank You” to all the good you do for me. Notwithstanding the billing you deserve for taking care of me (and presumably all your other patients) the very personal & concerned manner in which you treat me – every time we’ve met – is invaluable. There is a HUGE psychological component to all this. Having an ear that fits seamlessly and painlessly (and thefore that I can pretend is my own ear…) is very precious to me…” Thank You. – HF

Alle foto’s en informatie komen van de website:

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